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How’s the Process Going?

We’ll keep this regularly updated so you can view the progress of the project in between meetings with us.

Initial Meeting to Discuss Website
Done! Welcome! ūüôā
Hosting & cPanel Setup
  • Set up List Account and cPanel for Domain
  • Install WordPress in cPanel
  • Create Dev Site in cPanel
Wordpress Install & Setup
  • Disable notifications for automatic updates of wordpress and plugins, or direct all notifications to an email of choice (plugin required)
  • Set Reading page – for home and blog locations >settings > reading (after pages are created)
  • Delete Sample page and Hello world post
  • Delete “Hello Dolly‚ÄĚ plugin
  • Delete extra themes that are not active
  • Turn off comments > settings > discussion > Uncheck Allow People to post on new articles > save (turn back on if client wants comments on posts)
  • Turn off Search Engine Visibility > locations > settings > reading > check box > save (don’t forget to turn back on once site goes live)

If migrating any already existing website to a Development Site

  • Install migration tool plugin on both dev site and live site
  • Back up live site with migration tool
  • Download to computer
  • Upload backup file to dev site with migration tool
Theme Installation & Setup
  • Install chosen theme
  • Add API Key+ Update to latest version (if needed)
  • Review and adjust settings in the theme defaults as needed for website needs
Required Plugin(s) Install & Setup

Listed are the base plugins we start with for the majority of our websites, additional plugins are as required


  • DIVI Responsive Helper
  • WP Super Cache
  • Yoast Duplicate Page
  • DiviMenus
  • Add API keys to plugins as/if required
  • Deactivate all unnecessary plugins if dev site is copied from live site
The Pages of the Website

These are the pages we created for your website based on what wanted in our meetings


  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Post pages
  • Gallery
  • Shop Page(s)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Testimonials
  • Additional Pages (as needed)
Mobile Responsiveness
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Creations Page
  • In Person Circles
  • Virtual Circles
  • And Product Pages
  • Cart and Checkout Page
  • My Account Pages
Site Optimization, Security & Analytics
  • Site Optimization
  • Install and activate plugins for optimization on website¬†
  • WP-Optimize (Caching, minify, database cleaning tool
  • UpdraftPlus (for regular backups)
  • Image Optimization plugin
  • Anti-Spam plugin
  • As needed may require additional optimization tools
  • Set setting for plugins and optimize¬†
  • Make sure PHP is up to date in cPanel
  • Enable Compress Site in cPanel¬†
    1. Security + Malware 
    2. Install security plugin based on site size and needs
    3. (Typically Wordfence or MalCare but may use another based on site needs*)
    4. Set security features for website based on size and needs – brute force, firewall, Frequency of site scans, etc
    5. Enable additional security features in cPanel for website based on needs
    6. Analytics
    7. Install Google Analytics / Site Kit
    8. Connect google analytics and set settings 
      1. Run GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Reports 
      2. Make adjustments to optimization settings based on report recommendations as needed

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